The pick up from and deliver to homes or offices of official dispatches.

Pick-up & Delivery

Priority delivery of time-sensitive medical supplies to home, hospital…

Pick-up & Delivery

The fast, door to door, secure pickup and delivery of messages and…


The delivery and disposition of goods to and from all locations across Florida.

Express Miami Courier and Freight – Same Day Delivery in Florida

Welcome to Express Miami Courier! With more than 20 of experience, we specialize in delivery and logistic services for the legal, healthcare, and aviation industries. Nevertheless, Express Miami Courier can provide a full range of courier, messenger, and delivery services to all businesses across Florida.

About Our Company

Express Miami Courier

Regardless of whether you require one-hour, same-day, or overnight delivery, Express Miami Courier will meet your needs. Do you have regularly scheduled, time-sensitive pickups and deliveries?

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Our Services

Our delivery solutions are individualized for each customer. We will customize our services to meet your needs, which means that if you need custom boxing and shipping or LtL truckloads, we can do it.

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Our Partners

Express Miami Courier offers clients with one of the most skilled, knowledgeable and qualified teams in the industry. When you use Express Miami Courier, you are shipping with experts in the courier delivery service.

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