Express Miami Courier has over 20 years experience, Express Miami Courier is based in South Florida. We provide affordable and trustworthy courier and overnight delivery services. Our staff is courteous, experienced and always ready to provide you with exceptional service. Express Miami Courier is dedicated to every customer, no matter the size or scope of their needs. Our mission is to bring value to every customer with a high-quality delivery service at a fair price.


Our team of expert drivers delivers packages and products to locations across Florida. When scheduling a pickup and delivery, your business can rest assured that their medical supplies, legal documents, aviation parts or other products are delivered on time. Express Miami Courier strives to understand your needs and will customize our service for every customer. This means offering the services that match your schedule, budget, and individual requirements.


Additionally, Express Miami Courier takes all the steps to ensure the safe and secure delivery of your documents, products, and packages. We pride ourselves on being one of the most versatile courier and delivery services in Florida. We offer Pharmaceutical pick-up & Delivery, Express, Economy, Exclusive Use, Scheduled Route, Overnight Delivery and more. Because Express Miami Courier works with a large range of industries, from healthcare and legal services to aviation parts and automotive goods, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and easy customization. We conform our service to what’s important to each customer, adapting to their individual business goals and logistics strategies.


With services from Express to Next-Day Delivery, your goods or documents will reach their required destinations on time. No matter where you are in South Florida, Express Miami Courier is the best option. You can confidently use our services for either your professional or personal needs. Our customized solutions produce measurable cost savings and operational improvements for our customers.